African Caribean Arts Centre Ontario


The Training Programs of the Afro-Caribe Arts and Culture Centre of Ontario College for Development Training (OCDT) provides a space for creative youths:

To express and develop the entrepreneurial mindset to monetize their innate creative passions, and a program that understands their needs and support them into sustainable new business ventures. This serves as a platform for the Afro-Caribbean Creative Arts and Cultural Development Sector to be mainstreamed into the economic development thrust of Canada, to create employment and provide skills and training towards social development and economic self-reliance.

This Centre is established to support the development of the creative and cultural arts by providing training in the business skills tools, and business environment support necessary for success in the creative industries of the economy “it is inclusive of for-profit, nonprofit and individual client stakeholders, implies early stage development and market entry, thus distinguishing the Centre from other artist services and support organizations residency programs.

The Centre focuses on Youths who are creative in literary writings, music, media crafts, performing and visual arts. Youth having an idea for a product but do not have the skill to create it. The Centre is designed to offer creative youths an opportunity and a space, to identify opportunities and launch new businesses or social enterprises in the creative and cultural industries.

The Centre provides a platform for the sector to create employment and provide skills and training towards social development and economic self-reliance.

Additionally, the Centre enables the participants to develop and measure the output of locally developed content in terms of music, artworks, films, arts and craft, stage productions and literary writings.

Allow addition of value to the skills learned by curating artifacts created & knowledge gained in a comprehensive portfolio. Making that portfolio actionable with industry-centered special opportunities.

Introduction to Caribbean Steel Pan Music

Over 2,000 years ago, the Greek Mathematician Pythagoras – ​with a lot of help from Egypt and Babylonia and India​ – recognized the underlying mathematical pattern beneath all music.  

Contemporary Abstract Painting

I view my art as a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. The colours on the canvas are the paths by which I express the feeling of my true self and my painting aid in the nurturing of my soul. I mostly paint with acrylic media. Once I start, the magic of the colours guides me. As a women’s advocate, I see my paintings as giving voice to the beauty of every woman.  My paintings express, women of courage and strength.

Gila Yefet

Creative Training Instructors

Michael Jagdeo

Caribbean Steel Pan Music

Gila Yefet